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Nintendo: Retailers Concerned About DS Inventory

by JW

Nintendo of America’s top boss, Reggie “I’ll eat your soul and you’ll like it” Fils-Aime has gotten himself into a rather precarious situation. Yesterday Fils-Aime told Pocket Gamer that anybody who wanted a Nintendo DS this holiday would have one, saying “Any consumer that wants a Nintendo DS this holiday season will have one”. Isn’t that what I just said? Nevermind, let’s move on.

However, as pointed out by CVG it appears that El Reginald has inadvertantly controdicted both himself and Nintendo as he told Reuters “The DS continues to perform exceptionally well, with some retailers voicing concerns about DS inventory going into the holiday”.

Now, I am not a scientist or anything, but this does seem like a conflict of beliefs on the surface. However, when you take a step back and look at what he said, you can see that Fils-Aime said nothing about Nintendo’s ability to fill stock demands. He simply said retailers are worried, as well they should be. If there is one game system that will smack the Wii around like a stepchild, it’s the DS.

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