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Never Accept a Prize for a Contest You Didn’t Enter

by PacoDG

Homer: Howdy, gents, I’m here to collect my free *Lou and Eddie handcuff him* Ow! Oh, my boating arm! What’s going on?

Chief Wiggum: You’re under arrest, slimebag. What’s this punk in for, Lou?

Lou: 235 unpaid parking tickets, totaling $175.

Chief Wiggum: I hope you brought your checkbook, wiseguy.

Homer: You lousy cops. Lucky for you, I’m double-parked, or I’d *slams pen* There. Now, could I please have my motorboat?

This exact scene has come to life, take out free motorboat and replace with free Xbox 360, and you have yourself what has went down in Colorado during November 5th - 9th. Just like Homer, Snake, and others in the Simpsons were lead to believe they had won some sort of prize, one after the other people showed up right in cops hands thinking they were going to get a free Xbox. All persons arrested had outstanding warrants for either violent crimes, illegal entry charges, and drug charges. 115 people arrested should watch the Simpsons more often (or to a lesser extent, not commit crimes). I can’t say I necessarily agree with how this went down, but I will be damned if it isn’t funny.

[El Paso Times via Maxconsole]

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2 Responses to “Never Accept a Prize for a Contest You Didn’t Enter”

  1. mgroves Says:

    What’s not to agree with? It sucks that society has to be dishonest in order to catch the even more dishonest, but that’s life, baby!

  2. rich Says:

    Thanks for the link!

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