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Hardware Review: KontrolFreek’s Speedfreek

by JW

I have been a huge fan of racing games since I was but a youngling, playing the original Need for Speed on that newfangled PlayStation. At the time I thought it was freaking awesome to see a 3D car slam head-on into a tree. As time went by, and I grew older, I demanded more and more realism in my racing experience. I wanted better track times, better control of my car, and an overall more realistic feel for the game.

Unfortunately, I was also raised in a poor household, so my family could never afford those fancy force feedback racing wheels that I hear all of you racing aficionados talking about. Well, gaming accessories company Kontrolfreek is hoping to change that with their new device, the ‘speedfreek’ for the Xbox 360. But what is the speedfreek, and how does it work? Well, read after the break for my full rundown on the device.

The first thing you will notice about the speedfreek is its size: The device is no more than the size of a half-dollar coin. Shaped kind of line a U, the add-on snaps onto your thumbstick and is designed to make your gaming experience a little more comfortable by giving you more control of the left analog stick while relaxing your thumb so you don’t make those pesky mistakes, like clicking the left thumbstick when you’re trying to turn. While it sounds like a good idea on paper, the only way to know if it is effective is to put the device through its paces.

The first game I put this thing through was Burnout Revenge. A personal favorite of mine for years, I look for any excuse to go back to it. Also, as it is the most arcade-like of the racing games in my repertoire, I thought the give that you get in the game would make it the best for an entry-level test. After playing about a dozen races on Burnout, I had no problems with the device at all. After the initial discomfort of something new had dissipated, I found that it was easier to steer my vehicle than it had been in the past. But, this was but the first test. Time for NASCAR 08.

NASCAR 08 showed a definite improvement with this device. I can finally go through a turn now and not have to be constantly nudging the stick left, giving you a smooth ride right through the turn and to make a string break on the backstretch. It cuts down on my lap times, and I consistently finished as much as six seconds ahead of how I normally finish… which is still first, but like the Patriots, I want to beat the competition into submission.

The final racing game I tried this on was Project Gotham Racing 4. To put it frankly, the Speedfreek improved my time significantly. I don’t want to say “greatly” because that would imply that I suck, which is far from fact, but I did find noticeable and mentionable improvement in both my handling and lap times.

Out of curiosity, I tried this device with a shooter. Half-Life 2 to be specific. Hell, since I’m stuck on the final fight in Episode 2, I figure to try anything that could help. I turn the game on, with Speedfreek attachment in place, and get to the game. While I found my accuracy with the weapon to be slightly improved, the plastic ring around the top and bottom edges of the stick made my thumb slip ever-so-slightly when I tried to actually move Mr. Freeman. However, Kontrolfreek is currently in the process of developing a FPS-oriented device, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands (thumbs, rather) on it.

When I first got my hands on this rather basic device, I was expecting very little. I mean, at first glance it looks like a white piece of plastic you snap on your controller. But, after playing with it for the last week or so, I have to say that it works. It’s damn comfortable to use, and you will see improvement in your game skill almost immediately. Sure, it may not be the $120 racing wheel that we all want, but for $10 this simply cannot be beat. If you’re a racing game fan, or just someone who tends to cramp up while playing a ton of games, you will want to pick this up. It’ll make your experience a ton easier.

The Speedfreek from KontrolFreek sells for $9.99 for two, or $17.99 for four, and can be purchased at the Kontrolfreek website or at one of over 100 GameCrazy locations.

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2 Responses to “Hardware Review: KontrolFreek’s Speedfreek”

  1. Donnie Walker Says:

    Great review man, keep em coming, thanks bud.

  2. PacoDG Says:

    I await to see how that FPS based one works out, for now this looks good for my time right now on Project Gotham Racing 3 (yeah.. I just started playing 3 the other day, I am so behind the times).

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