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411 Mania Names Top 5 All-Time Video Game Heroes

by Kezins


411 Mania names their choice for top 5 video game heroes. The first person’s picks are:

5. The Player - The beauty of video games is that they allow you, the player, to be the hero. There have been countless adventures, whether swinging over alligators in “Pitfall” or blasting aliens in “Halo”, and they had one common factor besides being great; the player, you.

4. Lara Croft - Another example where the layout changed the landscape of gaming and a female could shine as the lead. Didn’t hurt that she was hot, British, and bad-ass.

3. Samus Aran - Surprised the world when our favorite Metroid hero turned out to be a hot chick. Showed that the game is more important than the sex of the hero.

2. Link - Helped start the fantasy-adventure gaming genre. You can always count on Link…

1. Mario - The unlikely heros are the best ones. A little moustached Italian plumber runs through magical kingdoms to rescue a Princess and save the world. Someone should make a movie….well, anyways….Mario!

I have been checking out 411 Mania for years and love their articles, but I have to disagree with their picks. Here are my personal picks:

5. Lara Croft
4. Master Chief (Halo)
3. Link
2. Sonic
1. Mario

What do you guys think? I can’t believe he didn’t include Sonic on the list. He may not have dominated as long as Mario, but Sonic has made a good run of things.

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11 Responses to “411 Mania Names Top 5 All-Time Video Game Heroes”

  1. Dizzy Domes Says:

    I agree with your picks. Maybe in a little bit different order, but yea you hit the nail on the head. I think they could have picked someone better than “the player”, that sounds to cliche and lame. They should have put Master Chief in there instead.

  2. Seb656 Says:

    Master Chief is essentially “the player”. That was the whole beauty behind him. Not only was he the biggest badass, but you didnt see his face meaning it could be anyone even you! None the less Master Chief belongs on the list.

    I have to agree Sonic belongs on that list.

  3. PacoDG Says:

    Samus, bleh, definitely needed to be off the list. Though I am not a Tomb Raider fan, I can easily see how Lara would get on the list (eh, she did get a movie from that franchise).

    I dont know if they would make the top 5, but maybe top 10, Simon (Castlevania series).. Megaman.. and yeah, Sonic deserved to be on that list.

  4. Kezins Says:

    I’m honestly not a big fan of Tomb Raider myself lol, but enough people are that she has to be on there. Simon is a good pick.

  5. KB Klash Says:

    Here’s mine:
    5. Megaman
    4. Samus
    3. Sonic
    2. Mario
    1. Link

  6. KB Klash Says:

    PS: Master Chief sucks balls

  7. Kezins Says:

    Master Chief isn’t so bad. He’d be a little more badass if he was Army instead of Marines, but I can’t hold that against him.

  8. DaveP Says:

    It’s a good list but Sonic should definitely be there, it’s criminal that he isn’t! I’m still playing Sonic Adventure on my Dreamcast and Sonic 2 on the Megadrive lol

  9. Babylinda Says:

    Mario is my personal all time favorite myself:)

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