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Nokia N-Gage Delayed… Yet… Again…

by JW

Nokia has pushed back the launch of its N-Gage gaming service until sometime in early 2008, Reuters is reporting. This marks the third time the service has been delayed since August. It was originally slated for a September launch, which was pushed into November, then December, and now into 2008. Maybe the 5th time will be the charm for Nokia.

Yes, fifth time. Allow me to explain for those of you who are new to the whole gaming scene: Nokia had a radical idea back in 2003: A cell phone that doubled as a Game Boy. Nokia was quick to try and market this thing everywhere they could, and on October 7th, 2003 the N-Gage was released to massive apathy from gamers and tech-heads alike. It quickly faded into obscurity, and the world was well once more.

When this new N-Gage is launched sometime in 2008, maybe it’ll have better success. Then again, maybe this site will launch my career as a Shakespearian actor. Not bloody likely, but hey. Weirder has happened.



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