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New PSP Battery Extends PSP Slim’s life by 80%

by JW

Sony has answered the prayers of PSP Slim owners worldwide, announcing today a new battery pack that will add upwards of 80% more battery life for the PSP Slim. Not to be left in the dark, the original PSP will gain a cool 20% extended battery life.

Unfortunately the battery will still bulge out a little on the Slim, but not to fear. Sony is including a new battery cover that will make sure the new battery fits. Unfortunately, if you are one of those who own the Star Wars white PSPs… well, first you’re a tool. Secondly, you’re SOL as Sony will only be releasing black and silver backplates.

You can get your hands on this new battery sometime in December, for $44.99.

[PSP Fanboy]


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2 Responses to “New PSP Battery Extends PSP Slim’s life by 80%”

  1. 1P Start » Blog Archive » PSP 3.73 Firmware Update available Says:

    […] PSP, which will soon be getting a new battery that will improve its battery life by some 80% in newer models, is getting another little upgrade […]

  2. samuel waugh Says:

    this is great but i own a star wars psp it will look strange but is still worth it. THANKS SONY!!!! but 44$ is kinda high maybe they will be on sale

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