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My XBox 360 Broke Part III (For Sure)

by Paul

I might as well just devote 1pstart in its entirety to my Xbox 360 breaking, since it seems to happen enough to make it worthwhile. So as you can probably tell from the title, the thing finally errored out. It finally seized up a couple of times on the 360 logo and then eventually gave me an error code “E 79″ and one red light. I got on the phone right away to get this taken care of and after the useless “now turn it one without the hard drive” routine and it still errors out, the tech support person tells me it’s going to cost $99 dollars to fix.

Fuck that.

My problem is covered under warranty, so I’m supposed to pay a third of the price of a new Xbox 360 in order to get it fixed? No, that’s not happening. The biggest issue here is that this would be the third time I’ve had a problem with the machine. (Sorry for the two regulars that have seen this already) The first time I got the classic red ring of death and the second was a hard drive failure. Why in the bloody hell would I pay for Microsoft to fix a machine that has already proven to be a piece of shit? I’ve got no guarantee that the newest “fix” will even work or if something new will happen.

I complained with the tech and got no leeway. I didn’t feel like saying that I work on a blog and my five visitors would see the bad PR, because I didn’t think it was fair to all you non-bloggers out there that don’t have that kind of “power.” I’m in the same mess that all of you are.

My only options (as I see it) are to either throw my Xbox 360 off the balcony or turn it on and off until I get a RRoD. My third option is probably the best though, I’ll wait a few days and lie to the tech support person saying that I have the RRoD. Hey, what have I got to lose?

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One Response to “My XBox 360 Broke Part III (For Sure)”

  1. DVKowboy Says:

    That’s bullshit mate, sorry to hear you’re going through that. Microsoft should really own up to their faults instead of making people who bought their faulty POS’ in the first place pay more money.

    On youtube there are a lot of videos on custom xbox cooling, using pc casefans etc. I dunno if overheating causes RROD, but it’s worth a look anyway cos those things get damn hot.

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