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Best Buy to offer 40GB PS3, NBA ‘08 and Open Season Blu-Ray for $399

by JW

Best Buy is going to have the PS3 deal of the century on Black Friday, which is the annual day of terror after Thanksgiving where shoptastic women drag their hung over husbands/boyfriends to every store under the sun in an attempt to get Chris-er, I mean “seasonal gift” shopping done at the lowest prices. It’s being reported that the new 40GB PS3 will be sold with a copy of NBA ‘08 and Open Season on Blu-Ray. Previously the 40GB PS3 had been packaged with Spider-Man 3 on Blu-Ray.

Sony is hoping this holiday season will bring success for their struggling black beheamoth. In October Sony revealed that they may lose close to $1 Billion on the PlayStation 3, and last month alone recorded a loss of 97 Billion yen.

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4 Responses to “Best Buy to offer 40GB PS3, NBA ‘08 and Open Season Blu-Ray for $399”

  1. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Guitar Hero II/Xbox 360 Premium bundle for $349.99 Says:

    […] addition to the earlier announcement of Best Buy offering the 40GB PS2 with NBA ‘08 and Open Season on Blu-Ray, it’s now […]

  2. Ron Says:

    They also have a ton of other games on sale, including Guild Wars for $10 for people like me who haven’t picked it up.

  3. HD DVD / Randomness... : “Open Season” Hits #2; World Scratches Head Says:

    […] to buy the title almost a year after it was released. So what gives? Well, look no further than this Best Buy advertisement, which bundled Open Season with the 40Gb PlayStation 3 for Thanksgiving. Everyone who bought a […]

  4. “Open Season” Hits #2; World Scratches Head - Noticias externas Says:

    […] to buy the title almost a year after it was released. So what gives? Well, look no further than this Best Buy advertisement, which bundled Open Season with the 40Gb PlayStation 3 for Thanksgiving. Everyone who bought a […]

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