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Rock Band wants Led Zeppelin AC/DC and The Beatles

by PacoDG

As Harmonix works to get out the full album downloads that were promised, some cool little tidbits of info about some other artists they are still in the works of trying to obtain the music for as DLC has come out in a feature Kotaku has released while speaking with Eric Brosius (Harmonix audio lead).

“With the success of Guitar Hero, many bands understand that their music will be treated with respect. There are some huge bands that just don’t do anything unless it’s for a whole lot of money. We are building relationships with bands, including Led Zeppelin. We’ve been talking to them for over a year and there’s a good chance that they’ll come aboard Rock Band eventually. We’re like flies in shit for these big bands.”

Also mentioned are AC/DC and The Beatles. With any of the three, Rock Band would easily get the attention of more Guitar Hero fans as well as many non-gamers that I have recently noticed jumping in on the beat/rhythm game trend. Noteworthy is at the end of the feature, Brosius claims that they are also keeping an eye out on what modders will be doing with Rock Band, and also managed to get a slight dig at Guitar Hero “..With modded songs on Guitar Hero, all you get are new notes.”

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    […] It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Rock Band is doing so well. After all, Guitar Hero III sold twenty quadrillion dollars last week, not to mention Rock Band was developed by the same crew who worked on the past Guitar Hero titles, and with the addition of the drums and microphone it has turned into the ultimate party game. Just imagine how it’d do if it got AC/DC or The Zep. […]

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