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Robot Chicken: Grand Theft Mario

by BB

Last night, Robot Chicken had a spoof on Mario & Luigi taking a wrong turn from their Mario Kart world into the world of Vice City (GTA). The spoof was very funny as they entered the Vice City world, their kart got a flat tire and so they went to a mechanic shop, only to get their kart totally pimped out. I have the complete video embeded in this article, so enough talking about it and time to watch!


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9 Responses to “Robot Chicken: Grand Theft Mario”

  1. Lliw Kezins Says:

    Dude, that’s pimp. I love it.

  2. Million Dollar Link Experiment Says:

    lol video games have come a long way.

  3. Lucas Says:

    That was one of the greatest things I have seen. Robot Chicken comes up with some pretty crazy things

  4. BB Says:

    You gotta love towards the end as well where Mario goes crazy. Mario is friggin bad-ass!

  5. ssjgoku80 Says:

    You know Robot Chicken has been successful at making fun of popular culture because they are not focused on detailed stories or special effects. They follow the 3 simple rules of animation humor……1. Keep it cheap. 2. Keep it short. And keep it funny. Keep up the good work BendoverX. If you need any help, let a fellow gamer know. God Bless.

  6. BB Says:

    You make a great point ssjgoku, that’s probably exactly why they are so successful. I mean, each episode is about 11 or so minutes long. Great point

  7. Lliw Kezins Says:

    cheap, short and funny is right. that’s all people really want in the end with this sort of stuff.

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