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Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy

by Stuart Piazza


Nintendo has just announced a new Wii Peripheral. It is a step-pad type device which allows you to stand, sit, do push-ups, and other aerobic exercises such as jump-roping alongside a new title, Wii Fit. The game will monitor your health rating, and provide many mini games to get your fat butt in shape.


The device measures your balance, and even calculates your weight (body mass index.) It is wireless via bluetooth, and will ship later this year with the software title.

*UPDATE: According to Wii Fit, Reggie of Nintendo is too fat. If you would like to read the live transcripts of Nintendo and Sony’s conference, you can do so here.

Here is the video of the announcement:

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16 Responses to “Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy”

  1. Aggravated Gamers » Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy Says:

    [...] The game will monitor your health rating, and provide many mini games to get your fat butt in more | digg story Share: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and [...]

  2. Inexistent Man Says:


  3. Topaz Says:

    Man this looks hot. I can’t wait to work out my husband on it. If he doesn’t do at least two hours a day, he’s not getting ANY!! I will also have to train him as a matter of course. It took multiple tries for me to teach him how to hit the ball in Wii tennis. Either that or he just liked me behind him showing him the moves. Either way he’s HOPELESS at sports. Good thing he’s cute. We will both enjoy this. Maybe me more that him.

  4. Matthew Demyen’s Blog » Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy Says:

    [...] games. They really need to learn that if they want us to be gamers for life we need to be fat. read more | digg [...]

  5. 25 rules for a successful Link Building Says:

    Great one.. I love it.

  6. Jason Says:

    That does look pretty cool. Nintendo is really trying to expand their market. Check out this Digg article about using the Wii Mat for Tony Hawk:


  7. Jason Says:

    Oops, Digg article here:

    Digg article


  8. Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy « The Computer User Videophiler Blog Says:

    [...] read more | digg story Explore posts in the same categories: Uncategorized [...]

  9. - Seriously Addicting » Blog Archive » Video Games Keep Evolving - Nintendo Wii Gets You Even Fitter Says:

    [...] Wii Fit has been announced. Wii fit is a new game for the Nintendo Wii that is geared to get you in shape. [...]

  10. no-one Says:

    How good will a skateboarding or snowboarding game be on this thing? Awesome.

  11. Furniture Daily News » Blog Archive » Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy Says:

    [...] The game will monitor your health rating, and provide many mini games to get your fat butt in more | digg [...]

  12. snstuysekw Says:

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  13. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Prince to create custom Wii tennis racquets Says:

    [...] are, if you own a Wii, you’re playing a lot of Wii Sports (and keeping healthy). Lord knows that, outside of Metroid and the rehashed Resident Evil 4, it’s the only thing [...]

  14. 1P Start » Blog Archive » New SKU for the Wii? Says:

    [...] Kind of vague. What do you all think? Could this be a holiday bundle (perhaps packed with Wii Fit?), or (fate willing) a new color? We’ll find out soon enough, and I’ll be getting in [...]

  15. Nasavo » Blog Archive » Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy Says:

    [...] to think I was worried about all the kids out there playing Wii and ending up with just one big more | digg [...]

  16. nintendo » Blog Archive » Nintendo Announces Wii Fit: Step Pad To Get Healthy Says:

    [...] read more | digg story [...]

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