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EA’s The Simpsons - First Look

by Mazz


“Mine Eyes! The Goggles! They do nothing!”

Some may say that The Simpsons hit their high-point 6 years ago, but EA seems to think otherwise. They have just announced an as-yet untitled Simpsons game, hoping to build on some of hype generated by the soon to be released movie. The premise of the game is that The Simpsons somehow realize that they are trapped inside of a video-game. With this newfound realization, The Simpsons imagine powers for themselves, as seen in this recent video footage:

It looks pretty great. Sort of like, the Lost Vikings meets the original Simpsons Arcade game(one of the few actually good Simpsons games). On a further positive note, the game can actually be played cooperatively with a friend, with each player controlling a different Simpsons family member. You Wii owners don’t feel left out this time, because in typical EA fashion, the game will be released on every console system. Looks like this is shaping up to be the best Simpsons game yet.


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3 Responses to “EA’s The Simpsons - First Look”

  1. somewhat Says:

    I was very skeptical before seeing the video, but the graphics look just like the show, and the game-play actually looks interesting. You may just be right about this one Mazz. Let’s hope it stands alone from the movie, and actually turns out to be good. Over 12 hours of gameplay ? Here’s hoping…

  2. BB Says:

    I really really hope this game turns out to be a fun one and isn’t another let down like Spider-Man 3…

    Not that Simpsons and Spider-Man have anything to do with one another, I just mean Spider-Man 3 was hyped up as possibly being the best recent Spider-Man game and boy did it fall short

  3. PacoDG Says:

    Interesting post there, I had a pretty darn similar entry

    Cool beans though we both have different videos of the game in action.

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