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A Dilemma: What to do with Old Systems?

by Paul

I’ve run into a bit of a space problem at my apartment and it’s giving me some tough choices. Namely, what do I want to keep in boxes and what do I want to toss out or give away. One of the final things to get consideration for axing are my game consoles, but the time might be drawing near. If I don’t do something now, the amount of old consoles I have will continue to grow. As the graph below demonstrates, by the age 100 I’ll be crushed to death by old video game systems.

Just for the record here’s my list of last gen to very, very last gen systems I’ve got hanging around:

1. Atari 7800
2. Nintendo Entertainment System
3. Nintendo Super NES
4. Sega Game Gear
5. Sega Genesis/32x/Sega CD
6. Sega Saturn
7. Sega Dreamcast
8. Sony Playstation
9. Panasonic 3DO
10. Nintendo Game Boy Advance
11. Microsoft Xbox

Combine all these systems with dozens of controllers, power adapters, video hook-ups, accessories, and games and you’re dealing with a metric crap ton of stuff in boxes.

I suppose that’s one use for old systems.

Now I haven’t played most of these systems in a year or more. The XBox certainly has a little more life in it than some of the others, but it too has been gathering dust for a few months because the 360 is getting all the loving. The problem is I’m so emotionally attached to them that it’s almost impossible for me to get rid of them. Just what if I wanted to play G.I. Joe for the NES or Sewer Shark? (Yes, I actually enjoy Sewer Shark) If I got rid of my systems then I would be left without an outlet for classic gaming goodness. Sometimes I try to convince myself that one day I’m going to have the ultimate gaming rig with all of the systems hooked up at once, but that day seems like it’s never going to come. I have to overcome the problems of space and the fact that I’m really god damn lazy.

So I’m sure that there’s more than just me having this problem. What do you do with your old systems? How do you play your old games if you get rid of the systems. I realize there’s ROMs, but I’m looking at legal methods here.

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  1. Zeno, Internetographer Says:

    You should send them a friend, namely, me.

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