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Nintendo Wii Requires More Effort than Xbox 360, Study Shows

by JW

In news that really should surprise absolutely nobody, the Nintendo Wii requires you to spend more energy than playing the Xbox 360. Seriously – the British Journal of Medicine actually took time and money to conduct this study.

They took six boys and five girls, ages in the 13-15 range, and had them play four games: Project Gotham Racing 4 on the Xbox 360, and three games from Wii Sports: Wii Tennis, Wii Boxing and Wii Bowling on the… you guessed it: PlayStation 3.

Kidding. It’s the Wii, obviously.

Unsurprisingly, the Wii outdid the 360 in every aspect. The game that required the kiddies to work the hardest at was Wii Tennis, which had them expending roughly 750kJ (kilojoules) of energy. Wii Boxing expended about 730kJ, and Wii Bowling rounded out the group with 700kJ of energy expended. So how did it compare to the Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 had kids expending 450kJ. To give you some kind of idea as to how pathetically little that is, SLEEPING has you expending 300kJ. In short, the Xbox 360 is enough to keep you awake. How flattering.

[British Medical Journal]

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