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Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD

by Kezins


Great news for Sony for once. For the second month in a row, Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD. I’m not talking slim margins either. They are outselling the HD-DVD at a 2 to 1 margin in February. Of course the HD rebuttal is that it all has to do with release schedules and pretty much implies it was luck. I can buy that for a month, but when they lose two months in a row, I begin to doubt release schedules has much to do with it.

Of course business works in funny ups and downs, but beating out HD two months in a row is a nice achievement. It’s nice to hear something positive about Sony from time to time and perhaps this is a sign of good things to come.

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19 Responses to “Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD”

  1. somewhat Says:

    I’m afraid that this may turn into a vhs/beta thing. Which one should I buy, and which one will be difficult to buy or rent a movie on in 3 years ?

  2. Kezins Says:

    Yeah. I have a close friend in the entertainment industry.. he does stage lighting and sound primarily and quite a bit of visual setups. Right now he is annoyed because he had a promoter come in with material on a Blu-ray disc and he only has HD at the moment. Within his budget, they only gave him room to buy one type of system accross the board. What he has been telling me is that it could be another couple of years before we even know what the standard will become. So basically, even the pros are throwing their hands in the air not sure which way to invest. Personally, I say if professional audio/video guys don’t know which way to go, as a consumer I am staing the hell away from both.

  3. Syko 360 Says:

    Yeah I have avoided this whole thing since the start and will continue to not care until we have a standard format.

  4. SSJGoku80 Says:

    I agree with Syko. Until it’s standard I really don’t give a [email protected]&*.

  5. babylinda Says:

    Wow imagine seeing 300 when it comes out on blue ray on a huge screen and 5 speaker surround!

  6. Syko 360 Says:

    That’s the thing BabyLinda I have a HDTV with a 1850watt 5.1 Surround system and I would love to get a HD-Player but I refuse to get a PS3 or the HD-DVD add on for my 360 so I just stick with my upconverting DVD player for now or download movies off of the Video Marketplace. However Yes it will be amazing i’m sure!

  7. Yesenia Says:

    its like people are just getting used to dvd, now they have to worry about blueray haha.
    what you get today will be otu of date 2mrw unfortunately

  8. Ephraim Says:

    I love my Blu-ray… I just wish it had V for Vendetta instead of HD-DVD… :(

  9. LostShakerOSalt Says:

    I picked up the HD DVD Drive for the 360 and it’s nice to have. I hate that studios are having to pick a format to back. It really sucks when consumers get put inbetween these format wars. It’d be nice if they could put together a device to play both, that was decently priced. But I guess it’s all in due time until things get sorted out.

  10. mrjuandrful Says:

    I’m with Babylinda. Most people who have not seen a TrueHD signal won’t appreciate Blu-Ray. My LCD is only 1080i and the quality of the Blu-Ray movies is outstanding compared to my standalone dvd player. (480p component)
    I’ve been saying it for a while now, people want quality now over price. Back in the 80’s people were stingy and cared about price. In the digital era we’re in now, the best picture will win. I’ll make my prediction here. Blu-Ray wins for 3 months straight. Quote me on this!
    I know someone will if I lose, but who has the guts to quote me if I’m right?

  11. Kezins Says:

    mrjuandrful.. you are completely right about the signal. Honestly, if you do not have an HD tv, there’s no point. Where Blu-ray and HD make a big impact honestly is on big screens. You can put either on a very large screen.. even a movie screen and you do not lose quality like you would running a regular DVD on a projector. I saw this the other night at work and was amazed.

    As far as a home player, I’m waiting myself. Many are concerned that new players do not play DVDs but that’s not a big deal. I can pick up a DVD player for the price of a nice dinner.

  12. Kezins Says:

    On a side not when DVD came out, I recall a bunch of advertisements claiming that you buy DVDs and will never have to replace your collection for life. LOL. Never trust hype.

  13. Richard Says:

    ^Haha. I thought the same thing back in the day where VHS ruled.

    I have an HD tv and I was very disappointed when I popped in City of God in my DVD player and saw the quality on my brand new HD set.

    I’m interested in seeing the quality with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on my set, but I’m not sure which to pick. Like the Dreamcast and the Saturn, I always seem to pick the loser. So I plan to wait, but then once I buy one, a new even higher quality version will come out.

  14. Justin Conte Says:

    I’ll stick to my upscaling DVD player till the dust settles.

  15. Kezins Says:

    another thing people do not understand is how important the cables are. I had to explain this to my parents the other day that if they plan to upgrade their tv setup to HD that they pretty much have to invest in high quality cables or the experience will not be that great.

  16. Rist Says:

    I’m really, really, surprised! How does something 4 times more expensive sell more??!!?

  17. Reznik Says:

    Or you could just rip hd dvd and blu-ray disc into VC-1 Via Nic’s wmenc encoder and then play them back on your xbox360 for free! yep you can play em the regular dvd drive from disc or stream them from your pc Awesome! XBOX360 rules baby…

  18. Ephraim Says:

    For those of you wondering which to choose, Microsoft has hinted that they’re probably going Blu-ray with the Xbox 360 as well.

  19. movie rentals » Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD Says:

    […] Original post by Kezins […]

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