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Angelina Jolie May Return For Tomb Raider 3 Film

by Kezins

Various sources have hinted at the fact that a Tomb Raider 3 may be in the works. The first two films pulled in over 200 million dollars, so a third would definitely make sense. Ian Livingstone has hinted at the fact that there could be a 3rd film just around the corner. The 10th anniversary of the game will be celebrated on an anticipated Tomb Raider PS3 release. I can’t say I am overly excited about a Tomb Raider 3 film, but it could still be good news. I was a little discouraged with the 2nd movie, but often the final film of a series is the best. Regardless, I love watching Angelina Jolie play the role. I cannot think of another actress on the planet who could pull the Lara Croft role off.

It’s basically hard to say how well another film would be received. Of course, if there was some sort of nude scene, I am sure that’s all the controversy they would need to draw in the Angelina fans to another movie.

“At this moment in time it’s still not green-lit, but the signs are there,” the Mirror quoted him, as saying.

“Paramount have talked about the film for a long time, and I’ve had meetings with them. They’re willing to put a scriptwriter on board. Angelina Jolie has an option to do a third movie.

“I think when they see how successful Anniversary will be and realize that the world is still in love with Lara, they’ll be more inclined to exercise their option,” he added.

The 10th anniversary will be celebrated with the launch of the new PS2 game Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

[Via SAWF]

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