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Burning Crusade Delayed Untill 2007!

by BB

The big news in gaming for today is the rumor of World Of Warcraft’s much anticipated expansion pack being delayed is now a fact. Eyonix posted the sad news on the Forums early this morning.

For those of you who only know Blizzard for WoW, they are notorious for pushing back release dates for all of their games to get everything they want in a game to be perfect. I mean, WoW itself had a very very long beta process. I was actually a part of the beta process for only a couple of months, but there were some people who beta-ed the game for years! So for those of you who are truly upset at this bit of news, just keep in your head that Blizzard always know what they’re doing. Think StarCraft, think Diablo, think Warcraft. They’re known for their great games. So just sit tight until 2007!

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13 Responses to “Burning Crusade Delayed Untill 2007!”

  1. Babylinda Says:

    Aww look at the cute witlle baby!! What was this about again lol!!! I kid I kid

  2. BB Says:

    Haha…yea, I look for any reason to post that picture. =)

  3. Mark Says:

    Oh man, that photo is priceless!

    I’ve only been playing WoW recently (the 10 day trial), after playing Guild Wars solidly the last few months. I was feeling burnt out on GW, so decided to give WoW a go after my brother bought it, and kept emailing me about how much better than GW it is.

    And I think he’s right - it’s just so much better, more immersive, and (in my experience) not so crowded with the ‘omg lolz teh noob’ crowd :) But that may have been because I was on a quieter server.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Mark, it’s definitely because you are on a quieter server :). That crowd is still there, and in force, it just takes a bit longer to notice them. That said, I also enjoy it more than GW and overall it is the best MMO on the market.

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